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Tight , Aggressive Poker Play Strategy , Freeroll Poker Tournaments Strategy

Tight and aggressive poker in a freeroll. I'm sure you've heard the term . This page will describe what tight and aggressive poker is.

Freerolls , incidentally , are where you tend to find very loose poker players which is a window of opportunity for tight players.

Being tight and aggressive incorporates many things in a poker game. One thing a tight player will do is fold at the outset if the hand doesn't hold water.Why lose chips for something that may come up on the table on the rounds.But when having nice hole cards the opposite. This is when to bet large and the odds of winning are much better.Some people play aggessively with face cards but that is not always a guarantee , especially with many players online. A pair tens or less will knock out a high card.In a heads up game that strategy might work though.. If you tend to fold at the outset an online poker tell is that you're an experienced player and fellow players might fold rather than risk losing with a bluff.Also as you develop this reputation , your ability to bluff will increase because you look more like a serious player.The downside your winnings might be smaller because opponents might fold more often.

An aggressive player has assessed his hand and is aggressive with a cause.There are fewer mistakes made and more winnings and ultimately adding to your bankroll.

Limpers can be bluffing too.A limper might have nice hole cards. They could want the pot to get fatter and are limping through. You have to be careful being aggressive too.Also folding frequently might indicate you have lousy hands or you're not a confident player, someone might be more tempted to raise the pot.

A pair of face cards are the ideal cards to play aggressive poker with. Also as the rounds continue might also change the method of playing.If a flush or straight is likely then an aggressive style can be to your advantage.

Being a tight and aggressive player will see you not playing as many hands , especially in a freeroll . But the hands you play will come up winners more often than not.