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Strategies for the Final Stages of a Freeroll Poker Tournament

The final table in a freeroll tournament is a relief to be at. Your skill in the freeroll tournament has added up to this place. It's a lovely place to be. But there's more work to do.You will have to do every trick in the book - every which way including loose to be one of the winners and get either money or buy-in for future tournaments.Stack size is important here and large stack players have room to bully the table. If you're one congratulations.If not you're going to have to play a tight aggressive game as you've been doing all along.

Your hand is your guide.If you have an ass kicking hand , go for it.Call , re-raise , be all-in you can afford to unless a bad beat gets you. In the law of probability , your chances of winning with a pair of kings or a pair period are very good.

Don't underestimate small stack players. They may be playing tight as well and limping through.Your assessments of remaining players will guide you as well as your hand.An inexperienced player who has made it through can be spotted. Also an experienced player who may be limping through waiting for the pot to get fatter.If a player has checked, you might be able to bluff them out of the game. If you sense the chip leader is an inexperienced player, you might be able to call them but your stack is at risk , so you need to be careful.

Calling the big blinds is another strategy. Often the blinds are the worst place to be since they have to bet first without being able to evaluate fellow players. They may have a nice hand though. The odds of a good hand are equal.Assess them and online poker tells for clues to their hand.You might score here!

Following a tight strategy will often get you to the final table and you'll win some money.The large stack players will have options to knock out smaller stack players more so than a fellow small stack player. Don't be too aggressive.Playing freeroll tourneys is the way to learn tournament play and who knows maybe the WSOP is in your future!!!