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Sizing Up the Poker Table - Online Poker Tells -Freeroll Poker Tournament Strategy

When playing poker online , you are given clues about the fellow players . These can guide you into sizing up various aspects about the player including if they are inexperienced or very experienced , have a good hand or mediocre.This page will show some of the tells that may indicate how a player is positioned and give you an edge in the game.Also remember , online poker tells may indicate but also may not. The cards hold the real answer but you will often see these tells with follow up results.

General Poker Tells

When a player takes a long pause and then raises it indicates they have a good hand.In a freeroll tournament it could indicate the player is just learning how to play but most of the time the player has a big hand.

When a player raises automatically , it indicates a good also. In a freeroll ,it's also the case the player is new and will raise , reraise till the chips are finished but most of the time again , it indicates a good hand.

When a player checks, they think their hand sucks. If there's a raise , this player might fold.

Raising instead of calling also indicates a strong hand and calling often indicate a mediocre hand.

Players who bet small fall into several categories. Those with small bankrolls , those who play a tight game or those who want others to bet more in increase the pot. It is true the final table is really the goal as well as increasing bankroll.

The check-raiser . When you spot a check-raiser you know you are dealing with a shark.

Players who bet all-in indicate either a new player or very aggressive player. In a freeroll ,players have no money to lose and can easily go to another poker room to hone their skills.Also players who have strong hands will also tend to go all-in.

You want to remember your actions are being observed as well and if you are all-in that could mean fellow players won't bet as much and the pot stays smaller. You have to know when to strike if your hand is hot.Take the same amount of time making bets.Using various strategies in a game also confuse fellow players and keeps them guessing.Playing more poker you will find your stride in observing fellow players and that will give you and edge in the game.