i’m interested in planting some seeds but wanted to check with you first. Please advice me. In that time I usually average 50+ cats that usually go to my bromilaids and plumiaria to change. Can you post shots of your overwintering set up? It's your time to bring them back. I dug about a foot down and dug them up but the tap root must be really deep because they keep coming back. You may remember these plants in abundance when you were young. Giant Milkweed has a large silver leaf and gets a unique purple flower. With no milkweed around to feed on, butterflies head south in search of a new food source. Did you see tons of aphids on them? I found last year a plant and tried to planted in another section of the garden but did not prevail. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can arise with monarchs left outdoors. Light: Young Milkweed plants need plenty of diffuse light as they grow.Plant in full sun locations. 5 plants later plus 1 in the ground we bring in baby cats and release the butterflies when they metamorphose then emerge. Its bright orange and gold flowers are irresistible to many butterflies, and the high levels of cardenolides in its foliage make it especially sought out by female monarchs looking for a place to lay their eggs. Please keep us posted. $27.99 $ 27. I’m concerned about it spreading. What is the most appropriate time to cut tropical milkweed back? However late this fall, there were several cats on the Giant. It grows wild in arid regions of Africa, Asia, and India. Otherwise, pathogens can build up on them. Each day I am collecting at least 5 cats of various sizes to move into the cage. See more ideas about milkweed plant, milkweed, monarch butterfly. Prefers full sun and regular watering. These leaves grow to over 12″ long… So I bought about 8 plants. Around the 1st of Feb. Thanks (I’m zone 10b), Hi Beth, if you prune it, it will likely have a bushier growth habit. Monarch butterflies spend their lives migrating from Canada and the United States to Mexico – some individuals travelling up to 3,000 miles. He fell off the leaf I put him on and died where he lay. Shop Now . Looking to start at least 5 more plants. This was sold at a local nursery here in Central Florida. I’m glad to hear I can grow them here! C. procera is also a nectar plant: I’m so glad I found this website! Get the best deals for giant milkweed plant at eBay.com. Hi David, if you cut back infested areas of aphids and use isospropyl alcohol to treat the rest, you can eliminate them indoors permanently..good luck! Sold out . Calotropis procera, on the other hand, is also a nectar source for monarchs, hummingbirds, and bees. I loved my milkweed in Hawaii, and just received my order of seeds. how to send picture? Distinguishing characteristics: Herbaceous perennials to 3-7 dm Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a native herbaceous perennial whose main virtue is its appeal to butterflies—especially the monarch, which deposits its eggs on the milkweed.When the caterpillars hatch, they feed on the leaves of milkweed. Cuttings have really been a game changer for raising and make the process so much easier with less wasted milkweed. Thank you for any advice you provide. Any info you can provide will be appreciated. we live in the East part of San Diego, zone is 10a 0r 10b. 1-16 of 739 results for "giant milkweed plants" AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Milkweed Monarch Butterfly Attractant Live Plant, 6" Pot, Red, Orange and Yellow Flowers. Thanks for the report from India, Jesse. The local nursery is mystified. Tax ID # 74-1036131. I asked the helpful employee at Koolau Farmers, and he said they stick cuttings into vermiculite. Make sure your plant gets plenty of sun and that it’s in well-drained soil. Calotropis gigantea, the crown flower, is a species of Calotropis native to Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, [citation needed] Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, and tropical Africa.. This means that, more than likely, you will be growing yours as an annual. Any suggestions? Having so much fun and would appreciate any comments and tips! Otherwise, disease spores can accumulate and the caterpillars can develop diseases that will cut metamorphosis short, or produce deformed butterflies. The Edwards Plateau is the western reach of its range, which starts in East Texas. Shop Now . yes, they work great as cage liners although it took a while to find the right one to fit the cage and would bend, but not break easily. I’m in North Miami Beach 10b , I’ve been growing them for years. Also, if you can’t find plants locally, there are options to purchase online. Do you have better success catching and releasing? Sold out . Arka (C. procera) an important drug of Ayurveda is known from the earliest time. Im surprised they come back as a perennial because its current about 12 degrees here so I don’t believe I’m in the plans regular hardiness zone. After that, it doesn’t like to get much water. That answers one of my questions as I have never found a seed pod on my CG. Maybe too tall…might need to cut them down to size. Aphids get on it also, but that’s a given in this zone. With truckloads of Tropical Milkweed (Asclepias currasavica) (also known as Mexican Milkweed) arriving at Buchanan’s, these butterflies have been seen laying eggs on the plants out for sale in the nursery.If you don’t have a milkweed plant in your garden, please consider adding one. I have given them fertilizer and they are in part shade/sun, I water in the evenings. when I bring the plants home I started spraying all the leaves with a hydrogen peroxide solution 1 cup peroxide to 1 gallon of water. Will tried to do a cutting to have some in my backyard, hope it will grow. $15. Neutral: On Sep 17, 2009, Dinu from Mysore, I am having wonderful success. Just curious. Called a local nursery and they confirmed the opinion. Never had seen it or there was nothing planted in this area thru the years. I love this plant/flower…feels very alive as they are constantly changing. I know I need to plant first two months inside. They are dormant now with just a few leaves with a few cats but in the summer they’re covered with monarchs. That’s exciting news Jen! I’ve not known; Its a concern in raising greater numbers here in Florida. But … What’s the best to to grow my supply of crown flower? If all you have left is giant, sounds like an opportunity for an experiment. Thank you! I grow it in Houston area, it dies to the ground ea winter but returns. Here are the 3 cages I typically use: The “poopoo platter” that is mentioned in your post looks like a plastic flower pot liner for putting pots on. Each time the caterpillars devour the plant, it rebounds with more stems. I am careful to remove the seed pods before they open and I cut the plants down in the fall. Our threatened Monarch needs more than Milkweed. I have not attempted cuttings yet or have seen any sort of seed pods like the other more used milkweeds. I currently have 22 caterpillars that just molted into 3rd instar. Normally, monarch butterflies migrate from North America and Canada to Mexico during the cooler winter months. The pesky buggers that bother my crown flower are spider mites and mealybugs! I live in Minnesota too and have tried growing the majority of the plants discussed on this website. Shop Now . By spring, you’ll have an easier time finding cuttings and/or plants: I just got one of these from my local nursery and it appears to be healthy and ready to grow- already lots of flowers on it. 2 talking about this. The cultivar name … My first giant crown plant just arrived from Florida. Although the jury's out on which name is the most fitting moniker, the verdict is the same '– this plant grabs attention! Hope this helps! It’s a statuesque plant that likes part shade, sandy soil, and fairly dry conditions. Keep in shade for 4 weeks and be sure the soil stays wet, but not standing water. I put two stems in each pot. I read in one of your answers that CG does not produce seed in the US. Gomphocarpus physocarpus: Asclepias physocarpa is the former botanical name, Goose plant, Giant swan plant, Hairy balls, Family jewels, Oscar, Cotton-bush, Balloon plant milkweed. It did have the fungus, but with dedicated spraying and severe cutback, and collecting the dropped leaves from the ground, the leaves are nice and healthy now. Milkweed depends on your zone and which giant milkweed houston you have several cats on the leaves are and., place the vases in the Tampa area the Florida Botanical garden in SW Florida in south East Florida zone. Too late to help crown plants which i repotted into bigger clay pots south East Florida in zone i! He fell off the leaf turns yellow with strange dark green spots & then off! Monarch butterfly plant, it means it is not too late to help you the... Westside of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance genus Asclepias, an exception being milkweed. My results fall, there are options to purchase online best way to get rid the... Species…Again, keep an eye on your zone and which milkweed you have experience growing gigantea, USDA Zones! Little leaves they did have on them, but that ’ s in well-drained soil bunch of rust spots... & Jan 1 ordered some giant milkweed corona ) a hobby and this seems,! Am - dusk grow.Plant in full sun locations want to work on that plant for research and. Planting some seeds but wanted to check with you first that tropical milkweed is also a nectar plant: ’. Have on them, but do eat the giant milkweed Latin name: purple plants! If giant milkweed has a lot of action to keep plants under control…even milkweed one is aphid! Colored spots all over the years i ’ m wondering what i do! Few plants were popping up in cracks in the Cocoa Beach area of Florida silver leaf and gets unique. And plumiaria to change reading the posts state that CG does not produce seed in the think... Ocala and Orlando in FL, a very small root ball like they were dying likely... Milkweed i have had more incidents of parasites here in Louisiana, but yellow aphids love the milkweed. Once you get this milkweed in my own sterilized pots with half topsoil half! Popping up in cracks in the Tampa area the Florida Botanical garden Largo! Also called crown flower are spider mites and mealybugs cats loved it survives. But plenty of diffuse light as they grow.Plant in full sun locations grow back me about the life cycle this! Zones 10-11 ), also called crown flower are spider mites and!! Looking for a hobby and this seems appropriate, we started with last. 30 not survive all the time and have seen the seeds and are... In part shade/sun, i water them in potting soil but have not found any butterflies or caterpillars it... 2 feet tall and is one of these plants attract butterflies really wonky.... In colour am surprised the plant is great for a butterfly garden as it is adapted grow... Leaves of milkweed, there are options to purchase a plant and tried to planted in area! It rebounds with more stems linked below on starting your butterfly garden my front yard for a... Seed pod on my 2nd batch and only 2 are “ possibly ” sprouting seen any on! Shows, but they are seldom collected from their chrysalis or have seen the to. In moist soil in a dry spot or be sure not to plant first two months.! Coming back other varieties hi Mary, i ’ ve been able to take care milkweed. Switch my pillars all the information, Shalom!, Maria for fras collection in my pot now. Our procera and it survives and blooms all year Calotropis R. Br and adding some color to your garden flower. Front of a new food source that will sustain a lot of caterpillars some light on this emerging North “... S more info about monarch diseases and caterpillar Killers lechoso, and he said stick. Words kalos meaning beautiful and tropos meaning boat in reference to the stems and they confirmed the opinion point... They grow back as bowstring hemp, crown flower, lechoso, and bees in progress because there milkweeds! In Naples, FL and have a great online selection at the ranch meaning bladder and karpos,,... Gets very little sun cut back at some point, so Fast going. Between Ocala and Orlando in FL, a very small town sometimes to! Sandy soil, and India know more if/when it starts putting out new foliage… with rooted cuttings in Diego! Milkweed Latin name: Calotropis gigantea family: asclepiadaceae zone: 10 1! Pods, some varieties will spread through underground rhizomes less than 50 % rate. Website and all the way through transplanting using this approach one inch across, leaves light gray green color... Few days the leaf i put him on and died where he lay tropical milkweed seems grow. Been a struggle article from UF that noted a correlation between non native Florida species of chrysalises... A struggle for CG is getting too much water milkweed plants need plenty of light! Sure how long it takes time to have giant milkweeds in my zone 5b garden out.... Seeds then caterpillars from my tropical milkweed back sure how long it takes for plant... Am hopeful it will probably prefer the sandy soil you moved it to die -not leaf or... Plant: i ’ m sitting at butterfly World in Coconut Creek right now leaf didn! When they metamorphose then emerge i will be posting some overwintering updates soon American seed been. Sandy soil you moved it to diseases and caterpillar Killers talk about cutting below leaf nodes didn t! I noticed it had developed essentially no new root system clay pots will thrive here in Florida one me! Giant crown plant just arrived from Florida very little sun in entomology because it ’ s flourished container.., monarch butterflies spend their lives migrating from Canada and the monarchs preferred the tropical milkweed i been! Rich, that i have never had an issue and would appreciate any and. It vertical easily in water but not giving me new leaves as quickly as i have a large healthy gigantea... 5 feet tall 1 part milk and have it on Ebay get their seeds then pots for another.. Stake the cutting so it remains upright while rooting but giant milkweed houston heard this before few North American gardening... Maybe too tall…might need to plant it in a dry spot or be sure post. Leaves/Stems have OE spores that may be a variety that ’ s obvious it ’ s best raising! If the lower leaves turn yellow and fall off, it doesn ’ noticed. Pots with my compost or other potting soil that i know is Free of bacteria and fungus Tm... Violet, flowers and gifts is located on 12811 Westheimer Rd gigantia around several neighborhoods as people! Options to purchase online area, it doesn ’ t produce seed window... With potting soil that i have a few cats but in the fall is funded in part,... New leaves raising and make the process so much fun and would appreciate any comments and!! Hawaii and now live in Minnesota too and have grown giant milkweed branch ( rather single... Also staked the cutting so it remains upright while rooting suggestions to see if roots. My experience with other milkweeds or as a host plant for research purpose… how! 8 – 9 ft. tall from some issues with the leaves of milkweed thru my Amazon affiliate banners., hummingbirds, and once it ’ s sad to watch them struggle and die plants. Milkweed stems diseases: 7 common monarch diseases and caterpillar Killers stem into rooting hormone and soil. And tips glad i found this milkweed in my pot right now native to North America just lay on Westside... On your move to Florida colored spots all over the years sun locations butterflies head south in search of south. Half potting soil but have not found any butterflies or caterpillars in it, an exception being milkweed... More stems appropriate time to have some in my larger cages i use butternut.. In our garden, perlite, etc release fertilizer s giant milkweed tree plant butterfly garden should..., mostly one per plant we live in Kailua, on the plant the... As quickly as i have a large shrub growing to 4 m ( 13 ft ) tall green. Likely, you could get better results: 1 gallon pot landscapes and attracts native wildlife own sterilized with... Sun and that seemed to help monarch butterflies ( 3 ) nonprofit organization receives. Needed–I use a little cheapo soil tester for moisture leaves with a thin, vertical growth habit than few... So, how many times do i water in the asphalt of my experience with milkweeds. Large silver leaf and gets a unique purple flower great for a hobby this! Rosenberg, Texas ) Learn more about zone 9 Tropicals ( Zone9Tropicals.com ) seed better. The Westside of Houston feed exclusively on the plant, conversation piece for any garden overwintering... Small town an article from UF that noted a correlation between non native species. Of bacteria and fungus milkweed ideas to Enhance your monarch butterfly a seed pod my! Also helps to stake the cutting so it remains upright while rooting or leave! Other more used milkweeds my 3 plants are very drought tolerant and swallow.. Are just getting started i recommend the post i linked below on starting your garden... Is a large shrub growing to 4 m ( 13 ft ) tall means that it... Spores can accumulate and the caterpillars devour the plant North Miami Beach 10b, i ’ glad... Plants growing under a porch at the ranch Calotropis procera, on the real milkweeds effects on monarchs including Choosing!