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Preflop Freeroll Strategies - Strategies for Winning the Preflop in Freeroll Poker Tournaments

There's a couple of things to do during the Preflop of any poker tourney including freerolls. These strategies should guide you successfully. At the outset , the first thing you need to do is check the amount of players. The more players , the greater likelihood someone will have a good hand.The more players , the tighter your game needs to be even in a freeroll where there are greater wins like buy-ins at stake.

Check your stack . At the start of joining an online tournament , you'll get a fixed amount of chips. Keep an eye on your stack. Your stack size will dictate how often you can raise or reraise and make other moves.

The position at the table is also an important aspect of preflop strategy. Late position , able to see what other players are doing is considered the best versus the blind position , where the player makes the first bet.Late players are often able to continue playing even if their hands are weak. The late positioned player also can assess fellow players for clues to how they play.

Getting a Mediocre Hand Preflop

A great hand preflop is a pair of Aces , Kings , Queens or Jacks.They are seldom beat.But it also rare to get. What to do with mediocre hands.In a freeroll , many players will play with less than that.In an online poker room , you might not be able to tell. Many players have a freeroll for the hell of it attitude and will play any hand. They are also not building a bankroll and that's where playing tight comes in. It's better to fold and hold on to your burgeoning bankroll than play mediocre hands and lose your bankroll.

Playing a Strong Hand

When you get a strong hand, now is the time to raise and reraise and call other players. A pair of Aces , Kings - you will get these from time to time - is a winning hand that can only be lost in a Bad Beat. Feel confident about every move.


There are several preflop strategies that influence how you play the game and will increase your bankroll. Assess the amount of players knowing the odds of them getting a good hand improve with the amount of players.Always know when to fold if your hand looks weak. Feel confident when you are dealt an excellent hand.