Weatherall products are green-engineered, meaning that they have been created with your health and that of the environment in mind. September 7, 2000. The ingredients in these compunds will not count towards a product’s total VOC calculation, and may facilitate compliance with enhanced performance characteristics. Cartridge 1 Qt. Paints labeled "zero-VOC" may actually contain a small amount of VOCs—usually fewer than 5 grams per liter. Ultra-low-VOC products have VOC content that's below 50 g/L. And since we offer custom formulations, you can get the exact product you need and not worry about incurring a fine. Low VOC paints usually exhibit shorter drying times. Coverage: 30 Lineal ft. Find Your VOC Compliant Paint at Watson Coatings. Short-term exposure to high levels of some Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) can cause: breathing problems; irritation of the: eyes; nose; throat; headaches; Some people may be more sensitive, such as people with asthma. The solvent system in EX-2C low VOC is much faster than regular EX-2C. At Watson Coatings, all of our products are strictly VOC compliant. With TBAc being VOC-exempt, the VOC content of these formulations would decrease from 4.4 to 3.3 lbs/gal for the low-solids formulation and from 4.0 to 2.9 lbs/gal for the high-solids formulation. Most low-VOC paints are latex-based. VOC Actual – sometimes labeled ‘Material VOC’, ‘Total VOC’, or ‘Emitted VOC’ VOC Regulatory – sometimes labeled ‘VOC content less water and exempt compounds’, ‘VOC as applied’, or ‘VOC EPA Method 24’ Percent Water and Exempt Compounds A complete application will have at least two of the above three pieces of The only time 'Material VOC' would apply in SCAQMD Rule 1113 as referenced would be with the Low Solids Coatings category. Low VOC, Eco-Friendly Laminate Flooring. A: Clayton DeKorne, chief editor of JLC, responds: VOC emissions are pretty much a nonissue for exterior-grade plywood and OSB. In fact, some low-VOC waterborne formulations actually produce more ozone than high-solids systems formulated with low-reactivity solvents. VOC exempt solvents are organic compounds that are exempt from restrictions placed on most volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the United States.This class currently includes acetone, dimethyl carbonate, methyl acetate, parachlorobenzotrifluoride (Oxsol … Laminate flooring is also widely popular. Using 1/4" B This article provides an introductory overview of current VOC regulations and exemptions, as well as solvent selection and surfactant suggestions for new VOC compliant formulations. The proposed VOC limits are intended to alighn as closely as possible with those set by California Air Resources Board (CARB) and US EPA. Exterior-rated structural panels use moisture-resistant phenolic-formaldehyde resins in the adhesives (this is also true for wood I-joists, LVL, glulams, cross-laminated timber, and … Details of emissions from installations falling under both VOC Solvents Emissions Directive and IPPC Directive can be accessed via the European Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR). Here in California we were forced to the VOC compliant finishes some time ago. Higher end low-VOC products go beyond compliance, are greener products and are better for indoor air quality. It's important to remember that when it says "low" it's only in comparison to some other paints. State VOC regulations have to at least meet a level of stringency called Reasonably Available Control Technology – also known as RACT. determine whether or not your coatings meet the VOC content limits in Table 1. These clearcoats could be applied over conventional 6.6 lb. There was a lot of grumbling during the transition, but guess what – the VOC stuff is really good now. I mostly spray lacquer and the water based stuff works well as long as you understand the differences between it and the older solvent based stuff. Low-VOC Flooring Finish Options Waterlox R&D goal was to formulate and produce products that meet the regulations without changing the results their customers have become accustomed to over the last 100 years. In the ever-evolving automotive refinish industry, DeBeer Refinish continues to innovate with the introduction of a new low VOC Air Dry Clear Coat. Emissions can be reduced by making process changes (such as switching to low VOC content coatings), or by installing air pollution control equipment (such as carbon adsorbers or incinerators). Endura EX-2C Low VOC Topcoat is a two component highly cross-linked, high performance polyurethane coating for protecting a wide range of surfaces. Low VOC means stains with no more than 200 grams/ litre by volume and varnishes within 300 grams/ litre by volume. ). Cartridge 28 oz. This is correct. If you have questions about compliance or any of our paint products, please contact us at your convenience. Adding pigment to a paint base may also increase its VOC levels up to an additional 10 grams per liter. High gloss, color retention and outstanding resistance to chemicals, […] In addition, make sure that when using products that include VOCs you keep the area well-ventilated. Nevertheless, the staff recognizes that the exemption may remain a potentially crucial means of compliance flexibility for product categories subject to extremely low VOC limits (e.g., 0.5%) such as general purpose cleaner and degreasers. In the chemical industry, low VOC is used to describe a product with VOC content at or below 150 g/L. VOC/gal limit for 2-stage topcoats based on the standard calculation. There's are no standards that define what "low" means, so the labels are arbitrary, at best. The use of ethane as the boundary severely limits the number of useful solvents that are VOC exempt. Minwax. This page is about Compliant (Low/No VOC/HAP) Inks and Coatings control techniques used to reduce pollutant emissions. Product Description Endura EX-2C Low VOC color coat is a VOC compliant formula that meets or exceeds guidelines for VOC levels in color coats. To access the proposed VOC limits, please click the link below: Revisions to the Proposed Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Concentration Limits for Certain Products Regulations - 2013 The VOC compliant solvents* in EX-2C low VOC allow for higher film builds per coat, which can result in higher mils being sprayed. The rule does not require an initial compliance test, nor does it require the submission of periodic records or reports unless you choose to use the adjusted VOC content for recycled coatings, pay an exceedance fee, or use the tonnage exemption. Lower budget VOC-compliant products comply with the laws and reduce environmental impact. This means that there is less time and opportunity for the paint to flow-out, which can result in slightly rougher surfaces. This category is defined as having less than 1 pound per gallon solids content. Regulatory Questions Traditionally, the most popular finishes used in floor finishing contained VOC content as high as 750g/L. Most people are not affected by short-term exposure to the low levels of VOCs typically found in homes. Government regulations have required manufacturers of finishes to change formulations to become more VOC-compliant over the last few years. This lacquer can be topcoated with Magna-Shield® or our EVERLAST™ Wood Finish for added durability, toughness, and chemical resistance. It is very low odor. VOC/gal basecoats and still easily meet the 5.0 lb. The federal government caps the VOC content in paint at 250 grams per liter (g/l) for flat finishes and 380 g/l for other finishes (low-luster, semigloss, etc.