Is it a sin if we miss Sunday Mass if we have a valid reason like dangerous weather conditions or sick child at home? A pastor may also dispense a person from the obligation of attending Mass for serious reason. Life in a prison cell may well be compared to advent. For this reason the faithful are obliged to participate in the Eucharist on days of obligation, unless excused for a serious reason (for example, illness, the care of infants) or dispensed by their own pastor. Being tired and forgetful round out the top five reasons for being tardy. We love your feedback! Massachusetts has a list of specific excuses that can be used to be exempt from reporting for jury duty, including excuses for military, elected official, student, breastfeeding, age, police, medical worker and firefighter. The truth is that we should work toward fostering a deep desire to attend Mass because we have discovered the great spiritual benefits of celebrating it and receiving our Lord in Holy Communion! Please let us know. It would be irresponsible to attend church when you are likely to spread illness. Again, this is a good thing and frees us from the burden of trying to figure it out all by ourselves. 62. It’s an act of disobedience and also a disregard for the sacredness of the holy Mass. Missing Mass is no longer a mortal sin.” What do you say? (2) The same Catholic misses Mass on one occasion for little or no reason. It is a fundamental need that spiritually nurtures us and allows us to…, Life is never stagnant. I'm recovering from back surgery and I cannot sit for extended periods of time. As only the wise man can impart wisdom…, Great is the power and tenacity of love, for it overcomes and binds God Himself. Best Excuses for Being Late to Work . The obvious example may be the elderly person who cannot drive very well in the midst of a snow storm. I think the answer is very simple. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy, Books from My Catholic Life! I don’t think there is any black and white answer to this other than to say God is a very reasonable God and would never impose upon us a burden that is unreasonable and too burdensome. If we can achieve this mind frame I think we will always know what to do. Some of these reasons are obvious. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains that a person may be excused from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass for “serious reasons” such as illness or the care of infants or loved ones who are ill and cannot be left alone. “I’m just not feeling well”: If you think there is any way you can make it through even just a few hours … Evangelii Gaudium! The table below summarizes and compares other acceptable excuses in the states that require one. Acceptable Excuses for reschedule of Re-employment Orientation (collecting, receive, claim) User Name: ... (excuses me, let go due to lack of work within the company), I got a lawyer for workers comp and started collecting Unemployment. So, for example, if you decide to miss Mass because of snow but then go to the movies, or the store or McDonald’s then we are the ones being unreasonable and are not being honest with the situation. Question: "What are appropriate reasons for missing church?" The last point I’ll make, which could so easily be missed, is that we should never forget that going to Mass is an incredible privilege! With that said, and with a proper understanding of the obligation to attend Mass those days then, yes, it’s a sin to intentionally miss Mass through our own fault. If you voluntarily quit your job or were fired for misconduct, your claim for unemployment may be denied. If the imputation method is poor (i.e., it predicts missing values in a biased manner), then it doesn't matter if only 5% or 10% of your data are missing - it will still yield biased results (though, perhaps tolerably so). What if it’s bad weather or you have a sick child or something similar? Dear friends, we don’t ever thank the Lord enough for the gift He has given us in the Eucharist! Just reasons for missing Mass include illness, caring for someone else who is ill, caring for young children, requirements of work, the difficulty of getting to Mass while traveling, or reasons of similar weight. My Work in Theology: My name is Ronald L. Conte Jr. (Ron Conte) I am a layman, a believing and practicing Roman Catholic, a disciple of Christ. The General Laws of Massachusetts set forth all the rules and regulations landlords and tenants must follow when renting property, including when and how a landlord can evict a tenant. Some people’s feeling about church attendance borders on legalism—they must attend every time there is any kind of service or meeting, or they risk God’s wrath. Yes. Today’s post takes a look at some of the most typical excuses and offers a few ways of responding to each one. Happy the soul that loves,…, What is the meaning of the Coming of the Holy Ghost? //